When I saw the “Open Letter to Apache ” by developers, I felt for them:

Two days later, this “answer” suggests that is actively trying to harm the development of a free “office suite”:


@civodul For Linux users OO is virtually dead. Since distros have long stopped packaging it.

Outside Linux, OO remains a familiar name. The devs are simply in denial. IIRC, LibreOffice project was started because the OO codebase was irredeemable.

@civodul I only use one peice of Apache software -- guess which one -- and every time this comes up I wonder if it's worth taking the time to fully burn that bridge

It's amazing how blind the ASF is to the damage this is doing to them overall.

@joeyh @civodul Let me guess, OpenStack? :P

Can't be the web server, that thing has been superceded by Nginx so long ago I don't even remember the Apache config syntax anymore.

one major reason that this is so frustrating is that Apache shamelessly keeps the very well known brand "Open Office" and continues to collect donations for offering OpenOffice, even though they basically haven't worked on it in years.

I went through the few commits of the last year or so, and the vast majority are "removed whitespace" or minor translation updates.

(It's hilarious btw. that they are unable to automatically remove whitespace everywhere in one single commit).

@civodul it is sad how they dwell in nostalgic pride, but what really gets me is this: "Leading Open Source office application…" they gave up their lead long time ago – to their own fork. That statement right there is just NOT TRUE.

@mray Unfortunately it may be true in terms of download numbers, for those not using a free OS…

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