this calvin and hobbes strip is infamous among some for foreshadowing the later creation of vaporwave, but i wanna highlight those first two panels there. i loved calvin and hobbes as a kid; reading and rereading every strip in the series. and this one was probably my first time reading the word “capitalist” in a negative light

This is another one that I’m happy i first read at around age 7, in that it deeply influenced how i approached school my entire life

@fakemaxkeeble holy shit same. i used to get calvin and hobbes collections from the library as a kid and read them cover to cover, and in retrospect they REALLY shaped my whole deal as a kid and later adult


@Dayglochainsaw @pizza @fakemaxkeeble sauf que l'anarchie, ce n'est une conséquence de l'arret de la consommation et ça ne signifie pas le bordel comme la BD le sous-entend.

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