Vengeful Hearth 1/2 

You want to know the truth? They don't think of you. They see you on the news and know your face.

Some of them like what you say, others don't. But you're not important to them.

They care about their friends, their family, their neighbors. They care about their bills, and sports.

They don't care about the rich folks running this city. And you should be glad they don't.

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Vengeful Hearth 2/2 

Because the moment they start to care, it will look like this.

*Josephine gestured to the towers across the square. Men in suits were being hung from the windows.*

Vengeful Hearth (bigmedia subs) 

Innovative architect propose getting rid of suicide nets forever by simply not building windows !

Vengeful Hearth (bigmedia news) 

Are your days at work a real drag?

In a new virtual theme park, you can gamify your repetitive work to better match what you actually want to do!

Vengeful Hearth (soldier encounter) 

Amy : And for fuck's sake, join a union. Even scumbag thugs deserve better benefits.

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