Tard le soir.

Écrire un long texte. Le relire.


Le relire.

Ok, c'est un bon texte, je suis d'accord avec moi.

Le supprimer.

Je me sens comme un moine taoïste.

When you run your mouth without a darn care.

Five minute later everyone is disappointed and sad.

...Why can't I just shut the hell up.

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There is no real frontiere between fantasy and reality if you can make it happen.

I think you only have to think about murderers at war doing the Fortnite dance over dead bodies to know that.

Here we are.

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...I started to read 4chan again. Via mastodon. Is that better or a rondabout worst ?

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Est-ce que c'est bien d'être capable de rester amis après un débat ?

Un débat où t'apprend que le type est un pamal nazi, je veux dire.

I had to check all of soundtracks to find it.

The choirs of when Subaru fail his suicide by cutting his tongue, and get back to life.

And when I finally find it. I wanted originally to put it full sound and cry at first. But meh - it isn't that good. Maybe the image and setting were all there was to it

You know how erotic novell can be very cringy to read sometimes ?

Now the same - with voice reading enabled. The robotic mess.

It's a cure for hornyness.

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In a sens I feel guilty about how little I do in my life. I'm passive like hell.

In another sens, how messed up would it be to die without having watched the best animes out there ?

When you learn something you wish you didn't. Here is a trick.

An Ivan Illich classics extract on schooling :

Schooling produces stigmatized dropouts

Schooling : a raindance ritual

To get more about Illich check out David Cayley's website on "part moon part traveling salesman" and "the corruption of christianity".

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