- Hey... you okay ?
- No, I'm dying ! Waaahhh!! *hic* Hnnngh... ! *snif*

@customer : "You want an advice ? Buy the most expensive one. That's what best for me anyway."

>People who aren't content about themselves tend to find the ugly in everything.

...Critical hit.

I can't believe he trusts me. Even I can't trust me.

Isn't it worst to be ignored by 2500 followers, than by 5 ?

It's like being bypassed by a whole crowd while you had the big mic' on.

Popular people have it tough.

He smiles while handing me the cup.
- Silver, here 's your early brown.
- I thought you didn't have any early brown.
- I have my own ways of making it early brown.

It doesn't take a detective to see- Wait. He has a knife.

Death Note. But Light is not a moron and start killing the richest people on earth. Then the inheritors - until having more than a million is considered a serious life hazard.

Trickling down finally work, and better society is attained. Good ending.

I just made a list of the anime I tried to follow this semester.


I'm not kidding. This is too much, how did I do that T_T

Even if I dropped 2/3 of them since ep1, because ecchi/stupid/cliché/ugly 3D. ...That's still... I really don't have a life, do I.

My grandpa asked about if I was looking for a relationship or marriage.

I answered honestly I had no care for it at all, at least not while I hadn't any romantic partner in mind - and I had not since 10 years or so.

Later, the family told me "whoo, that was a INTIMATE question !".

And no, it wasn't, I really don't care about that aspect about myself.
If he asked about if I watched porn, at what frequency, of what kind, and with what kind of motion on my genitalias, okay. That's intimate.

Life is all about having purpose and lose them again and over again

There is two big things hapenning when someones comes in my home

1/ Wow your home is super neat *admiring*
2/ ...You live with your parents *glare*

...To the point. When someone with the biggest grin show me what they like, I just freeze in myself feeling the most miserable person on earth. I should FEEL something out of thin air ? If something I'm embarassed. Ashamed. So I fake it out. I make a smile or some constipated face and say "I don't know", or "good". And I really really don't have a clue what to think. Should I say "I don't feel anything at all, but this is the usual, I need some association process first".

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That's what I wish I could say with a straight face to people.

I never did. Somehow, I feel vulnerable about this. Like if I was just using some excuse to dodge the point because I'm too unsecure or something. Because deep down I don't "feel" or "know" if music is great or not. It's just noise with a beat I can detect sometimes. I could say the same about drawings. Sometimes I can say some drawing are impressive. Like a cathedral. - I'm not very fond of cathedrals tho.

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I love game's music. And some film's too.

I just don't get music for music.

It'd be like drinking alone. It's never about the beverage, it's about the company, the talk, the stories ; or their past memories !

I never got the "this is great music". Music is just music. Taste is just taste. If it doesn't destorys my buds, anything can be good or bad, just gimme some affect to attach.

Games and films just do that.

Only music without context ? That I can do without, it's just noisy.

I think I'm gonna make a compilation of the most sexist romance stuff in . It's almost systematic it's scary.

Here our hero catching the hearth of THE GIRL using the "you may get raped but I won't. Praise me, praise me, praise me !

"In my village smug folks are thrown into the well untill they simmer down"

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