Of course I'm mixing "peertube as a project" to "peertube as a community" ; but I really think one of the 1st big thing that doesn't have peertube is an automated "bad format" when it can see there is buffering going on.

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Peertube's theory : let's make a player smarter than dumb centralized youtube !

Peertube's reality : let's broadcast all our video in 720p-or-higher with a tiny self hosted server and a buggy video player.

I think 's biggest flaw is aiming for high quality video while "good enough" is what we need if we don't have the infrastructure to handle the "HD everywhere" fad only city-people with the fibre enjoy anyway. Regular self hosting with the HTML5 player gets shit done better for now.

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I love VN because I can launch them in "ultra" on my oldass computer. MUAHHAHA!

Do they say "horny" because all englishman are horned furry addict ?

People say it's impostor syndrom while I do know. No syndrom there. I do face reality. I'm not worth much, but I'm pretty aware about it !

Some VN I play put the focus on why people would suicide in location like train stations instead of their own home. Because they are stuck in train station, stuck with their thoughts, and so the impulse to end it is so much higher.

I really like the spin Ivan Illich put on the Bible's Samaritan thing.

It's not about how one should like all humans - it's how any human can identify with another's pain even if he's stranger, and honestly can't do another thing than help, because it hurts too much to ignore.

I feel this kind of help is way more personal than this "must save any human" moralist principle.

What's really disturbing with branching stories is that you get fond sweet happy ending with potential murderes/racists on other timelines. Weird.

The only jobs I feel like cool are "nurse" and "drawing anime girls".

The others are in balance between "awful, I hope you're surviving throught" and "you're a treator and should die".

IRL meetup : S-sorry i'm on the way. M-me ? That's way too much honor.

I don't love myself, because I don't admire what I can do or did.

But having that in mind... I don't admire a lot of people do I ? What kind of messed up standard is that ?

Playing too much VNs, I can now see a little affection bar on each individual droping or rising depending on my choices.

Overall, a car trip with no death or injury is a successul trip to me.

When I really like a content, I boost it. Twice.

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