So you want to attend #fosdem this week-end? Be nice with the #matrix team :
1)If you don't have an account and need to create one do it now or tomorrow so scaling is made easy for the #ops team.
2) If you already have an account join the rooms asap so #scaling is easier.

@usul bonus for 1) if possible, create it somewhere else than on instance, which is very big compared to the others (a bit more decentralization won't do any harm :), and often overloaded because of that.


@usul @Lapineige

But is host with Element Matrix Services so it's the same infastructure with

Not realy decentralized

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@dj @Lapineige I use the mozilla instance a,d yes it's pretty centralized when using new vector services (but using these makes the pays for the development)

@dj @usul @Lapineige isn't hosted by Element Matrix Services; it's entirely separate infrastructure on, funded by donations from our Patreon (although the Foundation outsources admin for the server to Element).

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