Perquisitions en cours à St-Ferdinand et à Plessisville. Enquête ciblant des individus présumés être associés au groupe terroriste Division

You probably know wordle. But do you know nerdle?

nerdlegame 130 4/6


I'm trying to add an overlay in to show code that is not covered by tests.

When I run my tests, there is a coverage.xml file generated.

Now, how to use it?

There is that does that, but stated as "experimental".
Does anybody used it? Any comment about it?

Any other package than does that job well?

The company's love affair with Orwell never ended, and they never figured out that old George wrote those books as *warnings*, not *suggestions*.

Take the company's forthcoming employee chat app Shout Outs, which will "gamify" performing grueling, low-waged work by rewarding workers with virtual stars when they "add direct business value."


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A function having 8 if/else, doing a sequence of 2 transformations, poorly documented, should never be allowed to be written. Ever.

For a week, all my commit messages have this format:

"<Code change>. Please replace this Russian dictator by a peaceful leader."

I'll do nothing at the end, but sparked some discussions internally.

I'd like to work on how to improve output of Megapixel for .

But I do not own a Pinephone. So can somebody send me the following:
- a processed image (probably jpeg or png)
- a set of 5 raw images for the corresponding scene.


One Of These Days (I'm going to cut you into little pieces)

« La fin de FédiQuébec


Mardi le 18 janvier 2021, lors d'une mise à jour du système d'exploitation du VPS, les bases de données de toutes les instances ont été accidentellement purgées.

Cet incident s'est produit parce qu'il y avait plusieurs lacunes dans les procédures d'administration de FédiQuébec.

Je manquais de compétence et d'expérience pour assumer seul ce projet, je m'en rend maintenant compte.

Donc FédiQuébec, c'est terminé.

Mais l'objectif qui était au départ de faire connaitre le Fédiverse au travers ActivityPub au Québec, ce n'est pas un échec total.

D'autres annonces suivront prochainement...

Manuel Viens »

I’m constantly shocked at how many anti corporate, privacy and even anarchist organisations publish all of their content and communications on FB, Twitter, YouTube etc.

I understand they are trying to increase their reach to the largest possible audience but at least give options for those of us who try to avoid this platforms. instances (all fediverse) are down for >24 hours.

Does anybody know what happens?


Salut Manu. Je n'ai plus aucune connection avec aucun des serveurs de depuis un moment. J'ai du me resoudre a me creer un compte temporaire sur une autre instance.

Ca va?
Est-ce que tu as besoin d'aide pour remonter tout ca?

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