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In our latest #paper, just out on @PeerJCompSci and #openaccess, we show how to visually recognize the programming #language of #codesnippet images, among many languages (150 in our experiments) and with high accuracy [1/n]

Also honestly the *long-term* solution is questioning why we prioritize gendering in our pronouns.

Pronouns are scoped temporary variables. If you were to design a language today, would you choose to prioritize that information? We know that gendered pronouns automatically load a giant set of preconceptions, whether we want to or not. Does doing so help or hurt more often?

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I've released difftastic 0.5! It now works with arbitrary git commands, which makes it far more useful.

Parsing is improved, diffing is *way* smarter, and it's faster too! Full changelog:

(It's also less crashy, but it still panics on binary files.)

climate crisis coverage got 267 minutes in 2020 while Bezos space launch got 212 minutes on July 20th

20 years of FSFE means 20 years of empowering people to control technology:

We highlight the importance of #softwarefreedom in Europe and look back at important accomplishments since 2001. ⭐

Above all, we shed light on our community with a birthday page! 🙂 Celebrate with us and share your own story under #FSFE20

Mitigations from :

“Set /proc/sys/kernel/unprivileged_userns_clone to 0 […]. However, the attacker may mount a long directory via FUSE instead; we have not fully explored this possibility, because we accidentally stumbled upon CVE-2021-33910 in systemd” 😎

#Qualys #SecurityAdvisory
> #Sequoia: A deep root in #Linux's #filesystem layer (#CVE-2021-33909)
> by creating, mounting, and deleting a deep
directory structure whose total path length exceeds 1GB [...]
> We [...] obtained full #root privileges on default installations
#eBPF #infosec

Dear @scheme,

I am sooo frustrated when I have to explain that lists are actually pairs, that (1 2) ≍ (1 . (2)), that ‘list?’ is O(n), that car/cdr should be avoided but you can’t really ignore them…

Disjoint lists, when?

19 juillet 1972 : circulaire Messmer visant à organiser le peuplement allogène en Nouvelle-Calédonie. #GrandRemplacement #Kanaky #république

“Pegasus: The new global weapon for silencing journalists”

Not the first time we hear about NSO, but this investigation consolidates evidence.

Horray! Finally got the release blogpost for @spritelyproject Goblins v0.8 out the door!

Improvements to interactions in the network protocol, coroutine support, integration with Racket's IO system, and more!

WHEW! Now to go build cool things *on top of it*!

Pharo 9.0 is released, and there's a ton in this release:

The community is growing and the tooling is improving at a really impressive rate. Pharo is increasingly its own language too, the way Racket separated from Scheme.

my paper "Making legacy Fortran code type safe through automated program transformation" has just been published in Journal of Supercomputing, as Open Access:

"We present the first rigorous analysis of the type safety of FORTRAN 77 and the novel program transformation and type checking algorithms required to convert FORTRAN 77 subroutines and functions into pure, side-effect free subroutines and functions in Fortran 90.
We show that the resulting code is type safe and that the pure, side-effect free and referentially transparent subroutines can readily be offloaded to accelerators."

I wish so much that JSON supported symbol types in addition to strings. Of course in an alternate universe where corporate bosses didn't mandate java-like syntax to Brendan Eich, we might have a scheme-based language instead of javascript and some standardized s-expression format instead of JSON. Oh well.

10 juillet 1985: le Rainbow Warrior (#Greenpeace) est coulé. Fernando Pereira, photographe, meurt. Les barbouzes sont condamnés à 10 ans de prison par un tribunal néo-zélandais, mais #Mitterand négocie leur transfert vers la Polynésie et ils sont réintégrés dans l'administration. #terrorisme

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