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"The enjoyment of one's tools is an essential ingredient of successful work." —Donald Knuth

The Guix community is so nice and thoughtful, really an oasis in FOSS... that's not an accident though; thank you to the Guix leadership and team for working hard to make it that way.

Pour rappel, #signal c'est centralisé et fier de l'être cf. (et quelques réponses de la communauté #XMPP: ou

Ils se sont aussi déjà montrés hostiles envers de implémentations alternatives (cf.

Alors oui ils ont fourni Double Ratchet et c'est mieux que la plupart des autres silos, mais c'est à garder en tête quand on le recommande pour remplacer #whatsapp.

Pour moi, c'est #décentralisation !

Le ministre de l’Économie :
« Quand on a 18 ans, ce qu'on veut, c'est un travail. »

Alors non Kévin. À 18 ans comme à 60 ans, ce qu’on veut c’est profiter de la vie. Et puisque nous sommes pris en otage (pour reprendre ta rhétorique Kévin, fais pas la gueule !) par le travail pour pouvoir kiffer un peu à côté, alors on travaille. Enfin ça c’était avant le confinement et les couvre-feu.

Le travail ne nous apporte plus rien Kévin. On ne veut plus travailler.

Insightful gzip/lzip/zstd benchmarks comparing compression/decompression throughput and compression ratios:

(Click on the PNGs at the bottom.)

My hacky FOSDEM video recording setup: laptop sitting on two "pizza boxes" ( ) so the camera is in front of me, plus monitor on top of two dictionaries, a UML (!) book, and other similarly useful books.

A lot to learn before I can become a peertuber...

#introduction 3/5
I love programming and wish it was more accessible so that everyone would be able to make what they need.

I play a lot with programming language design and implementation. I’m in love with very small languages with very few core concepts that fan out into everything else, such as Forth, Scheme, Kernel and PicoLisp.

I’m one of the devs of the CHICKEN Scheme compiler.
I’m building my own lisp system.
I also enjoy making procedural art, but I’m not very good at it.

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Le saviez-vous ? Il existe pour de vrai une « association de la noblesse française » : 🤦

Haskell aside 

@alcinnz hey have you seen that the #bootstrapping project is working on bootstrapping (a subset of) Haskell 98?

I’m done recording my FOSDEM talk! \o/

It was both exhausting & fun. Though I’m not satisfied with the OBS + EXWM + nested Emacs setup that I used, where switching windows was just too cumbersome…

#GNU Jami is a complete cross platform communication app. In this blog, Ade Malasa Akbar describes how it works:

Building for aarch64 using QEMU transparent emulation is so slow. I wish we had powerful ARM hardware to bake substitutes.
#guix #cuirass

Hey Hackers !

In a new blog post, I share with you my beginner workflow when I hack on my Guile Web App.

#Guix + #Guile + #Artanis = 💪

⬇️ Check it out ⬇️

#gnu #freesoftware #linux

#food #nutrition #meal #lifestyle #habits

I probably should be doing something more important than fixing thumbnails for the Gnome Font Viewer in #Guix, but that's what I find myself doing...


In my repos, I've put the emacs-lisp lines into a single guile-ide.el haha which is loaded in my .emacs 😉

I've picked the one which does not bring warnings or errors.

I don't rely enough on the REPL to go with Guile-Studio right know but I love the idea.

The more I learn about (and benefit from!) @Framasoft, the more I’m impressed by its efficiency at protecting user freedom and raising awareness on these matters.

Lots to learn from, notably for !

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