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Protecting against “downgrade attacks” in :

Sounds fancy, but it’s very much about applying the same rules in ‘guix pull’ than in ‘git pull’.

@cathal @feonixrift However, even the parenthetical language aspect will not be a requirement... it should be possible to layer other syntax forms on top. But more importantly, here is a video that demonstrates a *visual editor* for lisp, with no parentheses present:

I think this would be an appropriate editor style to embed right into a video game, especially to help newcomers. And people wouldn't even know they are writing lisp.

Une lecture plus attentive nous amène à penser que demeure une interprétation possible selon laquelle son activité devrait pouvoir persister. Nous remercions les personnes qui ont pu nous signaler cette interprétation.

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Me: “That ‘guix publish’ bandwidth issue must be due to nginx, or the kernel, or switches, or cables.” Ricardo: “Actually no!”


"By one estimate, the COVID-19 literature published since January has reached more than 23,000 papers and is doubling every 20 days"

If we don't flatten the curve, there will be about 50 million COVID papers by the end of the year.


“Faster relocatable packs with Fakechroot”: ‘ pack’ gains another way to work around the lack of unprivileged user namespaces, which is still a problem on clusters!

Victoire historique contre la surveillance par drone !

Suite à notre recours, le Conseil d’État reconnaît l’illégalité de tout drones qui volant suffisamment bas avec une caméra permet à la police de détecter des individus par un signe distinctif

New #emacs #blog post: "State of Emacs Lisp on Guile":

#Guile is a #Scheme that gets a disproportionate amount of attention when mentioned with Emacs in a sentence. I'm sick of the occasional r/emacs or emacs-devel thread with little facts and much speculation, so here's some original research of what you can and can not do with Guile's Emacs Lisp implementation.

git shortlog -s --since=last-month | wc -l
⇒ 94

An all-time high number of monthly contributors!

and the people outside were chanting "vaporwave not vaporwage"

Carlos O’Donell suggests a clever hack: using the loader’s audit interface so that the ‘guix pack -RR’ fakechroot wrapper can support ‘dlopen’:

Mercredi 13 mai, la loi "haine" de Laetitia Avia
passe en lecture définitive à l'Assemblée Nationale

Il s'agit désormais d'une loi antiterroriste.

La police pourra exiger aux sites Web de censurer en 1h n'importe quelle vidéo/texte qu'elle jugera "terroriste"

@civodul @bensturmfels I think the main challenge has still been the javascript dependencies. But you *can* run MediaGoblin without Javascript, and it may be possible to more easily change/remove the few places where it has been in place in a significant way before; CSS and browser APIs are much richer than they once were.

I think as for the Python libraries, there weren't too many left, so there probably aren't too many now either. So probably very doable.

I'm really impressed with all the hard work @bensturmfels is putting into bringing back MediaGoblin. Thank you Ben <3

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