Got some more build "machines" hooked up to . There are lots of aarch64-linux things to build! #guix #raspberrypi

We’re having a hackathon:

It’s pretty fun & pleasant to work with enthusiastic folks on these otherwise thankless but crucial issues!

@mikegerwitz Thanks for the kind words. I must say your 2012 blog post is still a great reference!

@holger @efraim I think the short answer is “we don’t”. :-) Guix Past is specifically for cases where reproducing an old software environment is the primary concern.

Nice short (~16m) talk on build system security – trusting trust attacks, reproducible builds & bootstrappable builds.

#Lire - #Collet, « Les oubliées du #numérique »

Le saviez-vous  ? De très nombreuses femmes ont joué un rôle capital dans l’histoire des innovations du numérique. Les toutes premières personnes à avoir programmé un ordinateur sont... six femmes. Mais les «  Eniac girls   » comme on les appelle n’ont jamais eu la reconnaissance institutionnelle à laquelle elles auraient droit. Et c’est systématique :

#AlternativeLibertaire #Journal #Presse #Média #AL

> Hong Kong national security law unanimously passed by Beijing, while Joshua Wong and associates announce decision to quit party politics

> 162 members of National People’s Congress Standing Committee back legislation, and law could come into effect on Wednesday

On Wednesday, that is tomorrow, July 1st. The date is no coincidence.

The 1st of July is a public holiday in Hong Kong, the Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("Establishment Day"), commemorating the Return of Sovereignty of Hong Kong from colonial hands to the Chinese motherland ("Handover"). Hong Kong has now been ruled by Beijing for 23 years.

Of course, Hong Kong being 95% ethnic Chinese, this is always a cause for celebration as millions take to the street to express national brotherhood and sisterhood.

I kid, I kid. Shit is going down. Colleagues said they saw riot police gearing up already this morning, one day in advance.…

#antielab #antimaskban #hongkong

@treed Yeah, and my recollection is that descriptions in Nixpkgs often aren’t very helpful anyway—I think is doing better here: . (And i18n, too.)

\o/ First step of the integration of my #maven-build-system into #guix done. I now install maven and its dependencies in a maven repository. Next steps are adding the basic maven plugins, and the maven-build-system itself, then I'll send all these patches for review :)

My current work is available on this branch:

to use a cache mapping “attributes” to derivations:

I think it’s cheating :-), but the speedup is nice. There’s room for improvement in on that front!
(Besides, ‘nix search’ seems to be slower and less convenient than ‘guix search’.)

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