Gave an updated - talk this morning at the UST4HPC workshop, before an audience of sysadmins.

That was a good opportunity to raise the issue of how hosted notebooks deprive scientists from their autonomy and undermine . "There is no cloud".

Pictured: the picture language in , via -Jupyter.

It might be just a red circle for you but it's a lot of fun for me. :-)

My hacky FOSDEM video recording setup: laptop sitting on two "pizza boxes" ( ) so the camera is in front of me, plus monitor on top of two dictionaries, a UML (!) book, and other similarly useful books.

A lot to learn before I can become a peertuber...

“Identical files across subsequent package revisions”:

Estimating how much data is identical between subsequent revisions of a package, with an eye towards optimizing substitute downloads.

Luis Felipe is proposing 1.2 t-shirts and hoodies!

Luis is the designer of the Guix and Guile logos, of the Guix and Guile web sites, and of the 1.2.0 release illustration. 👍

Don't miss this opportunity to support Luis and to be in fashion!

Hear hear, is 8 years old *and* version 1.2.0 is out today!

Do not miss the release song and all the niceties!

The high-level dependency graph in the intro gives a good idea of how hard of a problem this is...

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Ahora puedes leer el sitio de en Castellano, además de Alemán e Inglés.

¡Gracias a l@s traductor@s! :-)

time! Help translate the manual to your native language:


for everyone, in respect of linguistic and cultural diversity!

Voici comment les libristes envisageaient l'avenir en 1999 : pas de voitures volantes, simplement + . 😃

Ça paraissait tellement évident que même le nom du journal avait été amendé !

What kind of package would you like? Freedom-denying? Broken? Insecure? You choose!

I've been playing with childhurds in (👍 @janneke!) but of course, I'd only test it in 'guix system vm'.

So we have in a box, in in a box, on top of System. Turtles all the way down...

(Pictured: vncviewer and SSH client connected to the .)

Newfangled meets (Off-the-Record) via + ERC. Pretty fun to hijack this web-centric thingie. :-)

offering to run the garbage collector when disk space is low. Quick yet useful integration!

Just discovered 'perf timechart', and it's wonderful!

Here's an example: the timechart while running "guix archive --export -r $(guix build coreutils -d)" (exporting lots of small files). Lots of grey parts (idle) and very little blue (running): 'guix' and 'guix-daemon' do next to nothing apart from waiting for all these tiny 'guix authenticate' processes: for each store item, we spawn one of these. There's room for improvement...

“Reproducible research articles, from source code to PDF”

On my adventure building a reproducible pipeline for the ReScience 10-year challenge, now published.

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