We’re just two weeks to the 🎂 event in Paris, woohoo!!

If you’re into or , it’s still time to register and join the fun!

@mray @civodul come and start the project with a fellow hacker !

@jeko @civodul I totally lack the skills to code any of it. I don't even use the terminal. You see the dilemma?

GUIX seems to scratch only developer itches and seems to not care about being accessible to GUI users, ironically.

I hoped the X after the GUI might mean anybody might finally start thinking about the non-coding people that are interested in the projects qualities and values – TEN years down the road.

Looks like it is going to remain a fancy niche-thing for a long time.


I see !

I know things are making their way to GUIs. The installer of Guix System (the OS) has been improved for example.

What is your OS ? What do you need Guix for ?
There are a loooot of questions to answer.

I mean answers that could give a direction to start something !

@jeko @civodul I use Manjaro with Gnome. I do what most people on earth do: not use the CLI, but still install and remove all sorts of software. Why would it ever matter what I use it for? Hopefully GUIX is not limited to installing emacs and compiling kernels! 😅

@mray @civodul Agreed, Guix can do so much more...

I could be motivated to build something to install a software ! Could be fun. Never make such tool !

I guess you would need to use the CLI at least to install the tool once (because it would not be packaged in Manjaro repositories soon haha)

Still a step forward ?

@mray @civodul Or maybe Guix is packaged for Manjaro ? So I can create a Guix package ;)

@civodul all the cool guix stuff happens in europe! sounds like a great time. happy 10th birthday, guix!

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