OMG! I'm so excited to announce that through my work at @spritelyinst we've published A Scheme Primer:
Direct link:

This document manages to serve two purposes:
- As a quick skim, it's a reasonable intro to "how to start programming with Scheme with no prior experience". Hey, tutorials are useful!
- But also, in less than 30 pages we manage to compress a TON of computer science ideas in a way that I think is really, really approachable.

The document ends with a code example, and full walkthrough, of a Scheme interpreter written in Scheme... in a mere 30 lines of code! It's like 3/4 of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs compressed into a document you could read in an afternoon!


@cwebber @spritelyinst Well done! I’ve been willing to have such a document for a long time!

@civodul @spritelyinst The .info export reads really nice in emacs:

I've been wondering whether a scheme-primer package installs the info version might be worthwhile to have in Guix. What do you think?

@cwebber @spritelyinst It would be useful IMO, and in good company with the ‘sicp’ package!

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