Good news for long-term source code preservation and support in !

This grant will allow Timothy to further work on , the missing link between and the deployment tools such as . 👍

Now, as much as I’m happy for this grant, I can’t help but cough at the association with Alfred P. Sloan, a man that alone holds great responsibility on global warming, among other lines of his resumé:

@civodul eh, funding FOSS is so damned hard that I'm more overwhelmed with excitement for any project getting funding that deserves it

@cwebber Right, and I’m truly excited that it worked out!

Seeing it from a European perspective, I’d rather see efforts “in the public interest” like this one receive public funding, be it via NGI0 or public research programs or institutes, than participate in washing the image of Sloan and GM. But it is, of course, a dilemma when in practice it’s Sloan or nothing.

@civodul @cwebber

Sloan, Ford, Carnegie, Mellon, Kettering, Rockefeller, Kresge--to name just a few prominent American examples--are all prominent names through their foundations and have difficult histories to reconcile with the work of those foundations.

@civodul @cwebber

I don't know how to do that reconciliation, other than to say, we should have those kinds of resources to do this work.

And then to say, though the history of these particular resources were that they once were wrenched away from the common good, now they are, though belatedly and besmirched, returning to the common good from which they were taken.

@deejoe @cwebber It’s great that these resources are returning to the common good, as you write; we directly benefit from it here.

But wouldn’t it be even better if that return was automatic and controlled by the people, for instance via taxes, rather than letting these companies accumulate wealth and choose what they deem worth of their “philanthropy”?

@deejoe @civodul I'd definitely prefer to see different structures for funding things, both governmental, and also social infrastructure that makes it easy for people to pay a ~tithe (for lack of better term) on these kinds of things where they choose where their funds go. Both are important directions to open up more. In the meanwhile, still excited every time I see an important project get funds!

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