Just finished presenting how helps achieve reproducible deployment, including the latest advances around .

Great to have the opportunity to share with this fine audience!

And of course, 👍 to Timothy, Simon, and everyone who made it happen in the first place. 🙂

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@civodul Congrats!

Would be nice for #NixOS to use Disarchive.

How do you fill Do you pull the json file?

(i'm actually wondering if NixOS could use your tarball metadata server :/)

@lewo There’s a CI job continuously “disarchiving” and populating the database:

Would be nice if this could be useful to NixOS!

Perhaps it could be maintained by SWH longer-term—we’ll see.

@lewo BTW, I talked about the “nixguix” loader you worked on and which allowed us to tremendously improve archive coverage!

@civodul Thx! And I'm glad this is useful for Guix!

@kirschwipfel In a nutshell, SWH does not archive tarballs—it archives the *contents* of tarballs. is a tool to “disassemble” and “reassemble” tarballs so we can reconstruct them:

Slides and maybe video should be available soon…

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