If you’re wondering why things feel faster today, that’s probably because the man-db hook is gone:

Good job!
I found some explanations in the thread that don't match my experience, btw. When you make a non isolated container why doesn't the man command work as expected then unless you add the man-db package?
If I understood right, the manual pages are always available so...
The question is: why doesn't `man gcc` work if I install gcc in an environment? (this is not new, it never did)

@ekaitz_zarraga Ah! If man-db is not in the same profile, then MANPATH is unset (because Guix cannot guess you need it), so ‘man’ doesn’t find the man page. HTH!


Wooh, `man foo' would still work, and we only need man-db for `man -k' a command that I never use.

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