It landed stealthily, earlier than expected, but it’s upon us: Home!

It allows you to declare and deploy your 🏠 “home environment”: config files, services, etc.

It’s very much subject to change but you can already give it a spin.

👍🏽 @abcdw, yoctocell, wigust, and everyone who’s helping!

@civodul @abcdw exciting! I've been waiting for this for a while, I'm looking forward to trying it out 😁

I hadn't been following it at all on the mailing list but moving my config bits over has been pretty easy so far. Underrated function: it also can absorb your main package manifest.

@civodul @abcdw I'm planning to try this out live on stream tomorrow! I don't have the stream scheduled yet, but it will be Friday 10/1 at 4pm UTC on both YouTube and Twitch at the SystemCrafters channel. @abcdw if you have time tomorrow, please stop by :)

@daviwil Hi David, I departure around this time, but will try to join the chat via cellular network)

@daviwil @civodul @abcdw

i had to leave a bit early, but it was a good stream! excited to try it out myself. thanks for putting it out there!

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