My paper was rejected from a top-notch academic conference—reminds me of my good’ol days as a PhD student…

The comments were surprisingly positive though and most likely it just wasn’t the right venue. If anyone knows of a computer security/engineering academic conference or journal that’s more “hand-on” and less “theoretical”, I’m all ears!

@civodul well, the German chaos communication congress maybe? #c3

@civodul J'ai vu que tu parlais français, tu connais sans-doute le SSTIC ?

En plus "pratique", mais dont je ne suis pas sûr du prestige académique, la Nuit du Hack peut peut-être coller aussi ?

@lertsenem Ah oui, merci pour SSTIC, je vais voir ça !

Je connaissais pas la Nuit du Hack mais ça a l’air sympathique aussi.

@krono I didn’t know about <Programming>-the-journal; it looks like a good option, thanks!

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