Protip: when installing a server, install on it and have its SSH port accessible as an onion service. That way, if you mess up with network config, you might still be able to access the onion service.

(Really! It’s saved me a few times already.)

May I ask you to share you config.scm with SSH-over-Tor configured?

@civodul Can confirm.

I've used it as a backup connection to home when trying to figure out my ISPs router.

I've also set it up so I could manage someone else's laptop without worrying about where it was living.

@civodul I have Yggdrasil installed for this reason. Which reminds me, I should get around to syncing the /etc/hosts entries and make them play nicer with Guix.

@civodul yeah I am using NixOS myself nowadays, the script was mostly meant for folks that have troubles with system automization (many have). Also created the script after seeing yet another tutorial exposing the same ssh host key to public internet & Tor.

@civodul Mate can you help me in setting up a server on my ubuntu.... New to Linux.... And want to setup a Synapse server so that I can bridge matrix and WhatsApp

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