The ELS2021 programme is out! I am VERY excited about

⭐​ Nada Amin's keynote
"Staged Relational Interpreters: Running Backwards, Faster" ⭐​​

including logic programming, miniKanren, compilers from interpreters, and only good stuff!

Excerpt from the abstract:

> Bringing multi-stage programming to relational programming, we derive a relational compiler from the relational interpreter.


Full abstract on the symposium's website:

#lisp #miniKanren #logic #compilers

@lisp @scheme


@ioa Now *this* is truly mind-blowing! Can’t wait to watch the talk.

@civodul I agree! And on top of the brilliant content, Prof. Nada Amin is an excellent presenter as well. I think most of her talks on youtube are clear, understandable, and with live code demos. 💯​ Definitely worth watching.

@ioa @civodul saw her at strange loop around 2014/2015 and loved it. May is gonna be a good month 🙂

@kingcons , was it this talk?

Love all the metalevels there! 😃​ Also, this talk is a great example of her brilliant live demos. 💯​


@phoe perhaps this talk is of particular interest to you, it talks about entering a lisp debugger as going up a metalevel.

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