Today we're kicking off the Assembly!

This is a new umbrella for GNU people seeking transparent decision-making and built around consensus. It's the result of a decade of struggle to make inclusive, transparent, and community-driven.

contributors: consider joining!

activists: help us spread the word!

I sometimes feel that a decade (or more¹!) was lost in internal discussions that had little effect, and during which “outsiders” would think GNU = FSF = RMS.

But I’m happy we’re now looking forward and contributing to the future of . A real milestone!



As assembly of GNUs... I suppose you don't want to call it a herd? ;)

@emacsen An assembly has structure and has a purpose, unlike a herd. :-)

@civodul Thank you for taking that initiative! This is a courageous decision :).

I’m a long term GNU enthusiast but sadly not really a contributor, since I don’t know how to code. I always to get more involved with the project thought, and I think I will take that as an opportunity ^_^.

> I sometimes feel that a decade (or more¹!) was lost in internal discussions that had little effect, and during which “outsiders” would think GNU = FSF = RMS.

As an outsider, I didn't think that (for other outsiders, ymmv). I did know that RMS = GNU/FSF. What should I think Ludovic = is?
@civodul This should be a good test of the idea that most of the people who come into communities complaining about identitarian issues don't actually contribute much to the actual output of that community.

@civodul now that is serendipity timeing.

This looks like a tech/process based attempt at grassroots governance. Must say straight out, in my expirence, I have seen many process lead models like this, and they have NEVER worked.

Though it is always a good thing to try iteration. And good to contrast this to the humane/serendipity based aproch that we have been working on at the #omn

I like it.

> a decade of struggle to make #GNU transparent

In the spirit of transparency, maybe the 'People' link on this new website should mention their corporate affiliations?

@wyatwerp @civodul honest question: do you know any of those affiliations? Would you care to share?

@rysiek @wyatwerp A couple of those listed at are toolchain developers employed by Red Hat (not a secret). The rest is pretty diverse, probably mostly volunteers.

See also .

@civodul Wait GNU wasn't inclusive and transparent before?

@civodul fantastic initiative, my only question is, where can I support this project financially?

@civodul I mean, I know GNU Hurd is a thing.

But that doesn't stop my disappointment

@civodul It might be worth adding an FAQ entry or something clarifying what exactly this is meant to do. It's largely made up of existing GNU contributors. Will they be ignoring the FSF in favor of the assembly? Will they be forking all the relevant GNU projects/hosting them themselves in order to be independent of the FSF? etc.

@civodul Maybe I will come to applaud it when there is a real change, for now I see only white men without inclusion, no trans, no woman, etc

@civodul for me this is like a coup d'état/blow of state, one of those that the US usually do/promote against governments that show them as dictators without being dictators (e.g. Allende in Chile)

@civodul at these times we need more constructive/positive feedback, not destructive, which is what is happening with this initiative, de-fragmentation

@civodul I am opposed to the fact that this project uses "GNU" in its name. Unfortunately, the legal word heavily relies on uniqueness of names so you guys should choose a different one and stop colliding with the existing GNU!

I am an RMS supporter.

This is great! I was always worried the work last year wasn't going to go anywhere.

@civodul I am really thrilled about that Ludovic! More assembly based decisions everywhere! 🤩🚀

@civodul I wish you all the best on your journey! I encourage you to go on! I think it's a good thing happening right now!

@how I agree that free software is policitical and that policitical conflict is sometimes necessary.

What the code of conduct condemns are recurrent trolling and attack patterns within the project’s space. Within the assembly, political disagreements are handled in a civil manner. And it’s refreshing!

@natacha @how People in the Assembly share the goals of GNU when it comes to user freedom. The big difference lies in the fact that the Assembly aims for self-organization rather than BDFL/top-down style “governance”.

As for user freedom: I agree it actually goes beyond the 4 freedoms, and I agree we need to keep the big picture of digital autonomy in mind!


Using another name would be less misleading.

I suggest BING for Bing Is Not GNU.

@civodul do whatever you like, but drop the name, you don't want to be associated child rapist do you :bc-koubi:

@civodul is this a split from gnu? because rms is back at fsf?

@civodul It's funny that people who are not and never have contributed to GNU feel entitled to tell the people who are actually working on GNU what to do about GNU.

@be Yeah, it’s a topic where everyone feels entitled to speak their mind and to give advice—if not orders.

@be @civodul It really isn't. *GNU* Public License is all about *user* freedom after all.


I'm an outsider and thus not important, but I'll only say that I think forming this organization is a good idea and something really useful could come out of it.

I wish you guys all the best. No community (or portion thereof) should be forced to work for a leader they feel doesn't represent them, no matter the reason.

I mean, this is free software. Forks should be the norm.


Totally agree, in #FreeSoftware forks should be the norm!

Now tell me a fork that preserve the original project name while still in use by the original one, please.


@civodul tu dois t'en prendre plein la gueule, soutien ❤️

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