Oni povas legi en Esperanto dank'al la tradukolaboro de Nicolas Bruche kaj @roptat! Ankaŭ en la rusa kaj en la korea:


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Mi ne partprenis la tradukon. Mi nur metis ĝin en la retejo :).

@civodul @roptat Nice, have only learned 2 weeks worth of #esperanto lessons, but i already understand it.

It truly is an amazing language.

@civodul @roptat

Russian string "Английский" means "English". It should be "Русский" instead to mean "Russian". I think I will try to contribute some translations.

@w96k @roptat Oops, it did look unusual to me. :-) Thanks for reporting it!

Check out if you’d like to give a hand.

@civodul @roptat The problem lies here, the first translated term is called "English". I think that led to confusion to the one, who translated the text.

Even though there's a comment on top :/. Can you tell me when it's fixed? I'll push the fix.

@roptat @civodul I fixed it now I think.

Weblate is really great, much easier to get into translating.

Thanks, I noticed the Korean translation had the same issue, I left a comment for the translators, I hope they see it.

@roptat @civodul
tbh the note itself is not that noticeable, because UI is a bit too overloaded. I think its an issue of weblate itself, would be nicer if comment text was on gray or yellow background

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