The talk ended up looking like a demo of new features I worked on as I was preparing it.

One of the things I showed is the System Explorer, a new tool to visualize and query system components and their connections:

I’d love the Guix System Explorer to help demystify GNU/Linux distributions, to empower users so they can exert the freedom to study how it works and customize the system to their needs.

@civodul I enjoyed the demos. I learned new things that I will definitively try later. And the System Explorer looks great.

It would be nice to see these kinds of demos in the blog to easily preview new features, and also to encourage the use of older features that people don't dare to try themselves.

@luis_felipe Thanks!

Do you mean there are older features that people don’t dare to use because they’ve never seen demos or examples?

That sounds like a good idea; do you have specific features in mind?

@civodul Yes. But also commands and options that they don't use because they don't know they exist or don't know in which situations they'd come in handy.

I don't have particular features in mind. But I've used only a third of guix commands, and just a few subcommands and options. I would like to see demos of everything. I'm sure I'd find I'm missing something 🙂

A nice thing about demos is that they usually provide more context than a description in a reference manual.

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