Also great idea to talk about ‘guix.scm’, @efraim!

It’s an aspect of we rarely highlight even though it’s very useful for devs. Maybe we should improve support for this use case?

@evelineraine @efraim Nice! I don’t have an example to show, but I suppose you could define your own variant of the library in your ‘guix.scm’ file and use it as a dependency of your package?

@evelineraine @efraim Oh, I see. That’s not a well-supported use case, but it’s an interesting one.

One option is to make those dependencies Git submodules so that ‘project/guix.scm’ can (include "lib/guix.scm"), but like you write, it would be nicer to avoid submodules.

You could use ‘update-cached-checkout’ in ‘project/guix.scm’ to fetch the library and include ‘lib/guix.scm’ from there. Not sure if the result would be pleasant.

I’m curious to see what you come up with!

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