Another talk I enjoyed is “Fixing continuous integration” by @mothacehe:

You can feel frustration & despair of a user who’s also hacked deep down on those tools. :-)

I sympathize and I’m excited with the two options now on the table to get us out of this quagmire!

@ArneBab @mothacehe I’m less pessimistic about Fibers, but it’s true that using it requires you to be aware of its implementation details, to know what could block, etc., and it’s easy to get it wrong.

@civodul @mothacehe When I used Fibers (the webserver), the biggest pain was that the API is slightly different. I had to write this compatibility layer:

@civodul @ArneBab

Having to tweak current-fiber and current-read-waiter parameters is also quite disturbing.

@mothacehe @civodul I can imagine that. Did you know before that, that fibers was basically Andy Wingo’s single-shot at seeing what Guile can do with lightweight threading already. It is not in Guile proper yet, because Andy wasn’t sure whether he got enough things right.

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