A writeup on some of the obfuscation techniques used by Snapchat:


I just shake my head at how wasteful this all is. I'm a free software activist. I think of ways to make code more accessible to less technical users. I type this on a system that's full free/libre from the BIOS upward. And this article is about _one program_ that is more opaque than the entirety of my daily computing.


@mikegerwitz There are companies dedicated to developing obfuscation tools, typically using free software such as LLVM—e.g., quarkslab.com/epona/ . It must take some psychological effort to be employed to do that.

@civodul Heh, and the tagline is:

> State-of-the-art technologies to protect your applications and IoT objects against attackers

I needn't explain the security through obscurity concept to you. All the work being done in Guix and Mes are the proper ways to protect systems against attackers.

Unless I'm to read "attackers" as "users", which I suspect is a large portion of their threat model.

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