Today, we discover the beauty of hyperlinks: . Yup, you can click on the symbols in code snippets to jump to their doc!

@civodul whoa how did you do that? and how did you get syntax highlighting in the manual?

@dthompson hey! Syntax-highlighting is implemented using your great syntax-highlight library. That and hyperlinks happens as post-processing of makeinfo-generated HTML: . Yes, it's a hack. :-)

@civodul a very neat hack! I have a few manuals I'd like to add syntax highlighting to. thanks!

@civodul Looks really cool, but links in the code are hard to notice, it is possible change their color or make them underscored?

@civodul they looks like it's a part of syntax highlighting

@civodul and it works without javascript! You are once again ahead of your times!

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