Please give a warm welcome to Bandali, a longtime #GNU contributor and co-organizer of EmacsConf, who is now interning with the FSF tech team!

>>> Nearly 100 children arrested over national anthem and security law protests

>>> Almost half of 396 people detained by Hong Kong police this week were students, and offences ranged from possession of offensive weapons to unlawful assembly.

> Through much of last year’s protests Hong Kong police were motivated to make mass arrests in a war of attrition to bleed the movement dry.

> But now protesters only seem to be getting younger, inspired by the sacrifices of their elder peers and desperate to fight for their future.…

You want to insert a string on each line of a region-rectangle in #Emacs text editor? So:
mark beginning of the rectangle + go to the end of the rectangle + C-x r t string RET
select the lines + "string-rectangle" command
And it's done :-)
Source: the good old manual.
Good multiline #text #format editing!

This Friday 29th, from 1200 UTC to 2000 UTC, we will teach you how to run a Tor bridge and answer questions about our anti-censorship technology.

Bridges are useful for Tor users living in oppressive regimes, and for people who want an extra layer of security because they're worried somebody will recognize that they are contacting a public Tor relay IP address.

The event will happen via text (not video or audio) on IRC.

More info:

(archive) Pendant le confinement, France Info donnait l'exemple patent d'un « deux poids, deux mesures » sur l'usage des drones, entre la Chine et la France.

A challenge in getting users to adopt services that respect their freedom and privacy is convenience. Video conferencing is one important example: you need a server to host it, which most users cannot set up properly on their own, and even if they can, it can be burdensome.

The @fsf has done something excellent: they're now providing a Jitsi Meet service where FSF associate members can create channels to talk with family and friends:

Today I learned that $(…) is a valid shell construct:
It seems it was already there in 2008:

ISTR a time where this wasn’t the case, but maybe that’s actually constructive memory stemming from outdated Autoconf recommendations:

Anyway, Gash implements it, and Gash is the future! :-)

We are looking for experts of specific #VCS, #package formats, and development #forges to fund in order to expand the coverage of the #SoftwareHeritage #archive.

If you qualify and are interested, read on and submit an expression of interest via the form linked from this post:

My 10-year-reproducibility paper will need edits to be understandable by a wider audience, but I also got this heartening opinion from someone familiar with :

“this is advanced reproducibility wizardry. […] See it as a proof of concept for future technology, which remains to be developed into something user-friendly.”

Let’s build that technology! :-)

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Le dernier avis CNIL sur #StopCovid renforce nos craintes contre l'application

L'appli utilise un captcha tiers susceptible de fonctionner comme un traceur envoyant des données hors UE... ça ressemble au captcha Google :/

Solutionnisme technologique et sécurité par l’obscurité : est en partie privateur et développé à huis clos.


#StopCovid : le gouvernement souhaitait conserver secret des bouts de code source de l'application. Finalement, la recommandation de la, en faveur d'une libération, a été entendue.


Got a first review for my 10-year-reproducibility-challenge submission:

Highlight: “The current code is based on Scheme, a variant of LISP, which is notoriously very readable, nearly as it were a text in english.” See? :-)

More and more websites doing port scans against users... now including Ebay

You may be surprised that websites you visit can access localhost+port on your computer. "Local only" daemons often aren't. That's because "your browser is a very confused deputy"

I helped uncover a confused deputy attack against Guile's live REPL that allowed for arbitrary code execution along these lines:

Perimeter security is eggshell security.

Using ‘signalfd’ in the :

Another demonstration of how terrible POSIX signals are, but at least ‘signalfd’ addresses the concurrency problem.

RT de racontage :

⁦Clear Channel France⁩ Merci de m’accueillir même si vous n’étiez pas invité ... ⁦antipub⁩

« Bienvenue dehors. Vous nous avez manqué. »

Le cynisme que affiche dans la ville depuis le me débecte.

Donc Renault :
+ reçoit un prêt de cinq milliards d'euros garanti par l'état - donc avec l'argent des contribuables
+ annonce dans la foulée un plan de restructuration avec notamment la fermeture de trois usines et son lot de licenciements


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