“Best practices” to build bioinfo images with :

So much energy going into giant kludges that don’t even approach . 😢


I wish people stopped using the word "FOSS": You meant just "Open Source", as opposite to "Free Software". Just because you crammed all the words into the same abbreviation doesn't make it into a different term.

Just lost connection to a machine in a building nearby; unfortunately, no IPMI, so I have to wait until authorized personnel can reboot it tomorrow.

How do these folks with machines on Mars deal with outage? 🤔



Interview of Rapporteur Nils Melzer on Assange — a must read !

“The #Assange case is about setting a precedent” “Press #freedom and freedom of information in Western democracies would be severely restricted” Interview with Professor Dr. Nils Melzer*, #UN Special …


For the 2021 Potluck, Ricardo announces this web presence for the Picture Language:
elephly.net/guile-picture-lang 👍

LibrePlanet 2021: Adopting Free Software Ideals


I will be speaking again at this year's LibrePlanet on March 20th, which will be online. This year, I’ll be talking about challenges with adopting free software ideals and the impact that it can have not only on individuals, but also on our community as a whole. This talk will be personal, drawing upon my evolution over the past fifteen or so years.

poke 1.0 was released today, after 3 years of development! 🎉

Poke is a binary editor, but it’s also a programming language that allows you to define data types and their layout. Sorta like Bytestructures in , but on steroid!

Oh yeah, it was the 10th anniversary of #Guile not long ago! I don't think I posted this picture yet. Had the mug for 4 years. Drank from it nearly every day since then, and it still hasn't faded. Good mug!
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