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Excited to announce the preliminary program of the Ten Years of event, Paris, Sept. 16-18! 🥳


📆 on Fri & community on Sat/Sun.

Be sure to register and/or to propose a session or a talk!

@civodul You might also be interested in our release wiki then, where new release managers keep the process updated.

I love how handles releases, with rotating responsibilities and a well-defined schedule announced upfront:

Food for thought!

I think more or less I'm done with the project. It has been a great project, full of very difficult challenges!

#tinyCC #mes #riscv

« On entend trop le mot algorithme » s'énerve @bortzmeyer dans le Framablog.
« Un algorithme, c’est un ensemble d’étapes qu’on va suivre pour un certain but. Choisir le but est déjà une décision.»
«Bref, chaque fois que vous entendrez quelqu’un éluder sa responsabilité en se cachant derrière « c’est l’algorithme », rappelez-lui qu’un algorithme, c’est un ensemble de décisions prises par des humains, et que ces humains sont responsables de ces décisions. »

Faire parrainer la COP27 par le leader de la pollution plastique.
En voilà une idée qu'elle est bonne !

En commentant le tweet de COP27:

RT de Vilain Syndicaliste :

La pancarte à ne surtout pas diffuser :


> If you miss it please let us know and we’ll arrange something.

That'd be a amazing sticker.

“error in finalization thread: Success”.

This iconic (!) message that Guix System users got used to seeing at boot may well be gone:

If you miss it please let us know and we’ll arrange something.

Want to know how best to use #Guix for reproducible research? Here is my recorded talk from Guix' 10th anniversary meeting:

If you’d like to contribute to beyond packages, don’t miss Josselin’s excellent guided tour of the source tree:

You’ll see there’s a surprising variety of modules, from file formats like ELF and cpio, to Linux container, initrd, and kernel module utilities. Much fun to be had!

Cc: @scheme

Meanwhile, on another planet, Red Hat discovers that rebuilding packages allows them to find about build issues:

I was outraged to discover that glibc’s French translation of “No such file or directory” (ENOENT) has become “Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type”—“No such file or *folder*”.

“Folder”, tsss…

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