Now, as much as I’m happy for this grant, I can’t help but cough at the association with Alfred P. Sloan, a man that alone holds great responsibility on global warming, among other lines of his resumé:

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Good news for long-term source code preservation and support in !

This grant will allow Timothy to further work on , the missing link between and the deployment tools such as . 👍

Hey #guix! We're preparing a documentation meetup this Saturday, January 15 at 10:30am ET (15:30 UTC). This is the right time to learn about guix, share your knowledge and improve documentation in general. See you soon!

TeX is trying to tell me something:

Argument of \strip@prefix has an extra }.

(Knuth was born centuries before the likes of the Elm and Rust compilers!)

“Austrian DSB: EU-US data transfers to Google Analytics illegal”

“In a groundbreaking decision, the Austrian Data Protection Authority (…) has decided on a model case by noyb that the continuous use of Google Analytics violates the GDPR.”

Though… an EU-hosted alternative would be a comparable threat to privacy, just on EU soil.

Announcing the next #Guix Days!

Let's meet for two days in February to talk about Guix and its community! This event is part of a series of events this year that celebrate the tenth anniversary of Guix. More to come :)

We welcome any topic related to Guix, so don't hesitate to submit a talk! You have until February 8 to submit a proposal, but the sooner you submit, the sooner you'll be notified, and the more time you'll have. Don't wait!

#conference #community

Content de me joindre aux collègues de divers horizons pour démarrer le réseau recherche reproductible français :

Rejoignez-nous !

in the office for the first time in nearly 2 years. my desk is a time capsule. while cleaning everything out I found the original scrap of paper with the Haunt logo. selling as an nft for $1 billion or best offer.

Feminist-washing : qu’il est bon d’être exploité·e par une femme

Une loi visant à «  accélérer l’égalité économique et professionnelle  » entre les femmes et les hommes a été adoptée par l’Assemblée nationale le 13 décembre dernier. Portée par la droite, elle risque bien de dissoudre le patriarcat  ! Elle propose en effet d’instaurer des quotas de femmes parmi les dirigeants des entreprises :

#Antipatriarcat #AlternativeLibertaire #Journal #Presse #Média #AL

Nous sommes aujourd’hui le Primidi 21 Nivôse de l’an CCXXX (230)
Nous célébrons la Pierre à plâtre

Annonce de GWorkspace 1.0 (GNUstep) qui m’a touché :

« Sans les avoir rencontrés, j'ai une communauté d'amis de 25 ans à travers le monde […]. Si nous le voulons, nos communautés du libre peuvent être fraternelles et bienveillantes. »

« Maintenant il va falloir le dire » (Lordon, nov. 2021)

« L’idée, c’est le capitalocène — et non l’anthropocène —, c’est que l’écocide est capitaliste, qu’il n’y aura pas de solution capitaliste à l’écocide capitaliste, par conséquent que la seule réaction de défense à monter doit être dirigée contre le capitalisme. »

community news! Please welcome @efraim as new co-maintainer!

Efraim is joining @mothacehe, Maxim, and Tobias on the fine collective, while Marius and myself are going on vacation. 🌴😎

“Tuning packages for a CPU micro-architecture”

Or how Guix’s new ‘--tune’ option allows users to get SIMD optimizations without giving up on .

@civodul This has been fixed in the latest version of youtube-dl: It doesn't invalidate what you said, but I'm posting it here for reference, since a lot of people have been frustrated by this issue without knowing it has improved.

@civodul TL;DR: use yt-dlp.

youtube-dl has been abandonned for nearly 8 months by its sole maintainer before a unexpected come back a few weeks ago. In the meantime, most of the community writing the plugins moved to the yt-dlp community fork.

The situation now is kinda weird with two active projects serving the same purpose. Mpv and a lot of downstream software decided to use yt-dlp as their primary fetchers.

The situation is a bit concerning: the two projects do not share the same set of website-specific plugins. Let's hope we won't end up in the unfortunate position where we'll need a meta project to select the most appropriate fetcher for a given website ><
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