L’ASCII-fication du Net est telle que fournir une URL non-ASCII ressemble à un acte de résistance.

Et les noms de domaines ? Des stats d’utilisation d’, notamment dans les régions de langue latine ?

⚡️ BREAKING NEWS de 350France & Notre Affaire à tous

👉 Un rapport montre que depuis 1971, Total Energies connaît son impact sur le dérèglement climatique et n'a rien fait !

😡 #TotalMent depuis 50 ans et met tout en œuvre (fabrique du doute, lobbying anti-régulation, #GreenWashing) pour empêcher la transition climatique.

✊ Demandons aux pouvoirs publics et aux acteurs financiers d’imposer à Total le respect des objectifs de l’Accord de Paris !

Plus d'infos : www.totalment.fr

Voici ☕ Café , un événement mensuel pour échanger trucs et astuces dans un contexte scientifique.
👉🏽 hpc.guix.info/events/2021/café

🗓 Première session mardi 26 novembre à 13h !

We filed a lawsuit today against Vizio because they fail to fulfill even the basic requirements of the #GPL. You can check out the complete materials here:

valgrind -o log … ❎
valgrind --output=log … ❎
valgrind --output-file=log … ❎
valgrind --log-file=log ✅

Quizz: environment variable definitions in ‘.bashrc’ or ‘.bash_profile’? Which is for the log-in shell?

If like me you’re part of the large group of people who always wonder, ‘guix shell --check’ is for you:
👉🏽 issues.guix.gnu.org/51285

On signing commits in and contributing from a phone:

“This requirement would severely limit my ability to contribute to the project. Right now, I mostly merge leaf package updates where the maintainer has approved from my phone.”


@civodul I would respond to this in more detail on the mailing list if I were in a position to do so but: a similar risk exists with GitHub commit hashes. GitHub consolidates forks of a repo on their backend, so you can refer to the URL of the upstream project but with a commit from your fork.

If you're not extra careful in review, you can end up pulling in malicious code that's not actually in the upstream repo.

Abusing content-addressed source code download fallback to pass malicious packages through review: realistic?

A #RISCV 64-bit CPU core licensed under #gpl3 that can actually boot #Linux

#openhardware is getting more feasible even to the core!


✨ Outreachy is hiring a community manager. ✨ You will communicate with @outreachy applicants, interns, and mentors. Open mailbox with raised flag You will work remotely for 30 to 40 hours per week.

Please apply by Oct 31!


now has its own infrastructure to build a database, which, coupled with , is our guarantee for long-term source code availability:


What comes to mind are these two blog posts from this year:

The Modern Packager's Security Nightmare - Gentoo Blogs
What's in a package - Guix HPC blog by @civodul

some horror stories there - about Rust, Go, and Python.

and I remember @neauoire describing the absurd bandwidth usage by Rust's cargo downloading trees of dependencies.

Le gouvernement entend prolonger jusqu’au 31 juillet 2022 l’état d’urgence sanitaire ainsi que la possibilité de recourir au passe sanitaire.

Désormais en accès libre : « Passe sanitaire et impasse des libertés », par @raphkempf monde-diplomatique.fr/2021/09/

“Reproducible builds for Debian: a big step forward”:

A nice article by a hacker on what it takes to rebuild old packages (it’s more work than ‘guix time-machine’!), reliance on snapshot.debian.org, how its limitations were overcome, and more.

Framasoft published this morning a donation campaign for 2022. I had the honor to fully illustrate it. You can flip more than thirty illustrated cards and discover this way this not-for-profit org.
Framasoft is really important to me. Pls support them💜

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