Catch "Principles of Digital Autonomy" live, this Saturday at 16:00 EDT, with our Exec Director @o0karen0o with digital rights activist Molly de Blanc at HOPE 💾💾💾

Abolir les prisons, la police, et même le système pénal : l’idée est débattue parmi les mouvements d’émancipation. Mais, dans ce cas, comment rendre justice ou protéger les femmes de leurs agresseurs sexuels ? Réponse avec la sociologue

#Féminisme et transformation sociale : limites des stratégies individualisantes

Changer le monde nécessite de lier empowerment individuel (comprendre et reprendre prise) et empowerment collectif (lutter pour transformer les structures sociales). Dans une époque dominée néolibéralisme où les luttes peinent à obtenir des victoires, il est tentant de se replier sur des stratégies liées aux comportements individuels :

#AlternativeLibertaire #Journal #Presse #Média #AL

DistroTube posted a nice review of System covering system installation, booting into , package installation, and rollback.

The darker part of it is the terrible bandwidth causing every operation to take ages.

"Work" is defined as an activity directed towards a goal

I'd say "play" is the opposite of that - any activity that you do for the sake of the activity itself, without aiming towards a "goal"

We have this idea that work is for adults, play is for kids. As we grow up, we turn everything into a goal-directed activity.

We play a sport to win, or to stay healthy. We draw to create something beautiful. We cook to make food. We climb an obstacle to get to the other side. We read a book to finish it. We watch a movie in the evening to relax, and then are confused when we can't.

Capitalism brainwashes you into thinking that you've grown out of playing. It wants you to think that you can't possibly enjoy an activity for its own sake anymore, so you need an "incentive"

Don't fall for it, and play as often as you can

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🚀 Hey #Guile hackers !

I am starting to write a book (fr+en) to learn the language in a "Test Driven Learning" style (big fan of TDD here haha)

The "hello world" step is written so you can have a glimpse of the experiment ! ⚗️

Hack for good ! 🤗 🖖

⚠️ Work in progress

#gnu #scheme #lisp #tdd #testDrivenDevelopment #coding #programming #fuctionalprogramming #test #testing

“Packaging Apps in ”: talk & hands-on session today by Ryan Prior at :

Join Track 2, starting at 7PM UTC (9PM CEST)!

Greenwald on the coup in in Nov. 2019:

Focuses on propaganda in the US, which presented the coup as “saving democracy”. Worth watching!

Time is 13:37, so let's make this #official 🎉

This is the new dedicated account for the #keyoxide project, easy #pgp #encryption and #distributed #identity for all in a fully #opensource and #privacy friendly package!

Developed by @yarmo
Read more about the project here:

Let's make distributed identity happen! 😎

#introductions #foss

Fawkes is a new anti-facial recognition tool from University of Chicago Sand Lab. It subtly alters faces in images so that that they cannot be correctly classified by common machine learning classifiers, while leaving them legible to human viewers.

These small changes - adversarial preturbations - merge features from other peoples' pictures with your own to cause classifiers to misfire, mistaking pictures of you for pictures of your "masking" target.


“Improve Internationalization Support for the Data Service”:

Danjela writes about her work & experience as an intern. Thumbs up for the great work, and kudos to @cbaines for mentoring!

From the chat during online-lisp-meets yesterday:

"my other car is a cdr"

Is it weird I'm still giggling when I think about that? 😁​

Good news! It’ll be possible to build 10 against 3.0 or 2.2!

Besides, it’s been a refreshing experience to contribute and go through the review process of a project as an outsider; I could very much feel expectations from both sides. :-)

Nouvel épisode du feuilleton : mise en demeure du ministère des solidarités et de la santé par la .

Il est intéressant de voir qu'on parle de « contrat de sous-traitance conclu entre le Ministère et INRIA », comme si Inria n’était pas un service public mais une boîte quelconque.

Sur 703 décès des suites d’une intervention policière, on a étudié 213 affaires 👉

Reste exclues de l'enquête:
➡️287 aux suites judiciaires inconnues
➡️101 en cours
➡️78 impliquant un agent en dehors de son service
➡️24 interventions anti-terroristes

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It's easy to forget, amidst all the threats to our software freedom, that ours is an inherently positive story, celebrating creativity and skill. Check out this beautiful comic by Sacha Chua @sachac, read more, and share with #userfreedom:

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