Using #NixOS in an isolated environment in Kerguelen, Antartica.

A status report about joys and hurdles of using nix in a lan-only environment.

This is so cool!!

@civodul @dzu @fsf The conference organizers and speakers were using Zoom, the attendees watched via YouTube live stream (usually) through Gather.

None of those are free software, unfortunately.

The #Guix hackers are very happy to announce the first online Guix Day Conference on Sunday November, 22nd. This #conference is open to everyone and will be held entirely online. Want to speak? Submit your proposal!

Talks will be released from the 14 to give everyone a chance to watch them, whatever their timezone.

Did run on Zoom? The videos (on YouTube) have an obnoxious Zoom logo.

I think it’s a pity that folks gave in, especially since the conference was (righfully, I thought) advertised by @fsf president during the 35th anniversary, and that there’s now no shortage of resources on using free tools for that purpose.

More hyperlinks in code snippets!

Clicking on ‘string-append’ etc. brings you to the manual.

You may be used to it from other languages but here it required extra work. Looking forward to an integrated Texinfo → HTML conversion that just DTRT instead of having to post-process what ‘makeinfo’ produces!

RacketCon presentation on #Spritely Goblins is about to start! You can join the gather world here:

Or watch the live stream (without virtual world) here:

17 octobre 1961 - ACAB 

«Le 17 octobre 1961, des dizaines de milliers d’Algériens et d’Algériennes manifestaient pacifiquement à Paris contre le couvre-feu discriminatoire qui leur avait été imposé [...] Des centaines perdirent la vie, victimes d’une violence et d’une brutalité extrêmes des forces de police.»

Demain ça fera 59 ans.

Voici comment les libristes envisageaient l'avenir en 1999 : pas de voitures volantes, simplement + . 😃

Ça paraissait tellement évident que même le nom du journal avait été amendé !

Hier, le Sénat a autorisé les "boites noires" à nous surveiller en masse et de façon automatisée pendant un an de plus, en mépris total de la toute récente décision de la Cour de justice de l'UE.

L'État de droit toujours absent.

« Des barbelés sur la prairie Internet : contre les nouvelles enclosures, les communs numériques comme leviers de souveraineté »

sur le blog de l'équipe de l'ambassadeur pour les affaires numériques

When I saw the “Open Letter to Apache ” by developers, I felt for them:

Two days later, this “answer” suggests that is actively trying to harm the development of a free “office suite”:


I am convinced that what #linux needs is an accessible (for non-technical users) #nix or #guix based distro with graphical install, package management, system configuration and revision/generation management tools, so that common people can benefit from reproducible package management and configuration without becoming sysadmins or developers.

I ache for the day when I don't have to recommend new users to use some Ubuntu-based distro just because they're the least terrible of all the non-programmer options.

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« We report on [Italian, Swiss, and German] #Covid19 #ContactTracing app on commuter tram […]. The performance […] is similar to that of triggering notifications [at random] regardless of proximity. »
Source: #PlosOne
#ImmuniApp #StopCovid #SwissCovid

When we say digital rights, we mean your rights over digital stuff. Digital rights are not separate from human rights.

Another vulnerability where the suggested mitigation is “turn off unprivileged user namespaces”:

It sounds as though those retrofitted namespaces will never be trustworthy. Back in 2017 I was blissfully hoping we’d soon see unprivileged user namespaces enabled everywhere:


@civodul @zacchiro Obligatory reminder that we should absolutely not use to access that paper because that’s illegal. Also we shan’t use to find out a working sci‑hub address.

(I am purely describing the situation, not advocating it.)

L’épidémie de #COVID19 a justifié des aides massives aux multinationales du #CAC40, même aux + gros pollueurs et ce sans aucune contrepartie. publie aujourd'hui #AlloBercy, un rapport sur les corona-profiteurs. Extraits. #Climat #Pollution

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