We have a date and location for the next battlemesh
19 to 22 Sept 2022 in Rome
4 days only cause 23 to 25 Sept 2022 in RomHack ( romhack.camp/ )

~17:00 CET will be 4 lightning talks
~17:30 CET "Securing and Optimising Enterprise Networks with OpenWrt and Free Software" by Nishant Sharma
~18:00 CET "Battlemesh Community meeting"
~18:45 CET "Farewell session"

next up: "Mesh Routing For Beginners" by mwarning
bbb.exo.cat/b/bat-vdd-hha and streamed to youtube.com/watch?v=akbtnNpZaB (for not so powerful devices / bad internet / watching later / …)

next talk is held by zorun and is about "building custom OpenWrt images: philosophy and tools"
You can watch and listen to the talk at bbb.exo.cat/b/bat-vdd-hha and youtube.com/watch?v=akbtnNpZaB.

first talk of today "Model Train'ing like a Pro: Performance Evaluation of a Wireless SDN" by yanosz

starting from ~20:00 CET we'll try to have the social part of wireless battle of the mesh using online conference systems. Join us for "telebeer" at bbb.exo.cat/b/bat-vdd-hha
You do not have to drink beer. All drinks are beautiful.
You might also bring LEDs, music, …

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first days schedule of wireless is over. Thanks to all participants.

v13 Virtual Global Edition

The upcoming 'Wireless Battle of the Mesh' event will take place from Sat 14th - Sun 15th of November 2020, in the internet™.

We envision 2 days of presentations, workshops, and fruitful discussions:
whether you are a mesh networking enthusiast, community networking activist, protocol developer, or have an interest in networking in general, come and join us!

Continuously updated information about the event are at battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV13

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