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‘guix pack -f deb …’ now creates a .deb archive containing the given packages and their dependencies!

Not as nice as handcrafted packages but still a handy way to transfer packages to Debian-based distros.

This company would not inspire too much confidence in an English speaking country.

PS: L'association trans bordelaise s'appelait "mutatis mutandis" jusqu'en 2013.

Il n'est pas trop tôt pour écrire au sujet du ... Aujourd'hui je suis à nouveau passé à côté de l'enseigne mutami. Cela veut bien dire "change-moi" en italien ? Je pensais toujours que c'était une association de transgenres, mais c'est tout bêtement une mutuelle. Néanmoins à chaque fois que je vois le panneau j'ai une pensée tendre pour nos amis trans.

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Fira Code


Font nerds: what do you have in your terminal these days?

With colleagues, I have been participating in the competition. You earn points for doing ecologically or climate friendly things. (And I am earning some for posting this ad on my social network :-)) The most difficult one for me was the vegan week. It turns out that milk, cheese and honey are essential parts of my diet... Combining it with the challenges of not buying plastic wrappings or products with palm fat made it even more difficult.

Spring in Central Europe III, again a follow-up on an old post by @dthompson : "Bear's leak", Allium ursinum. It grows in big patches in some of our beech forests, next to carpets of violet and white flowering Corydalis cava. Even by only taking one leaf here and there, we quickly plucked a pound. Blended with salt it can be kept a year or two in the fridge as a pesto base.

D'ailleurs je suppose que l'épithète "rubecula" veut dire "col rouge" et non "cul rouge"...

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Spring in Central Europe II, spéciale dédicace to @dthompson : The European robin, Erithacus rubecula. It is also very tame and comes close to people. Here it was singing in a shrub, but I did not manage to catch it with its beak open.

I have been hesitating to share my amateurish photos, but @alice 's cheerful morning greetings encourage me. So here we go, with two months delay: Spring in Central Europe I, Sakura.

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Someone on the #Guix patch mailing list called me «Greensleeves» in jest because of my usual nick, «Tissevert» so here goes.

(first !) track recorded on Guix with Audacity
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Ce lundi 10 mai j’aurai la chance d’être en bonne compagnie pour parler de de la , une journée organisée par la SIF :

👉🏽 societe-informatique-de-france

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trans feels (+) 

Sorting through clothes and trying stuff on is reminding me how happy it makes me to be trans - to be able to look at myself in the mirror and like what I see. It’s really been worth it, even after so many years of thinking otherwise

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’s Board and General Assembly agree to join the Assembly as member project! 👏🏽

It’s exciting, and it’s also a great lesson of collective decision-making from a mature and well-organized project.

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Of course not all people working on will wish to join the , and it is conceivable that this may lead to forks of some of the software we develop. But this is not our goal; our goal is to salvage the gnu project.

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Joseph Myers on the inception of the libc transition from authoritarian to consensus-based decision making:

Another inspiring read!

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A hope: We just kicked off the GNU Assembly website to advance our project of creating a friendly community oriented towards a bright future for free software. We are !

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