Ne pas se fédérer avec gab n'est pas une atteinte à la liberté d'expression. Laisser les propos haineux se diffuser, c'est laisser des gens se faire opprimer. Dire aux gens que leurs propos de merde n'ont pas leur place chez nous c'est sauvegarder la parole précieuse des gens opprimés.

Cria cuervos. Te comer los ojos.


As we say in here "ouin ouin" is not an argument.

You tell shit then expect me to tell you to shut up or not listen to you. I'm pretty sure you would behave the same.

@mcread Yes it is bad. But at a certain point, some humans are clearly not looking for added value and positive influence. It is NOT the norm. It makes me sad too.
It is not about listening to our own voices. I'm a white male. I am priviledged. I want to be able to hear the voices of the unpriviledged. The blacks, women, trans, gays, not valids that might feel harrassed if we let a hord of racist, patriarchists, homophobic bullies come in here.

@mcread I don't want those peoples to flee and offer them a place to talk and discuss without being insulted or threatened. If I want to argue with nazis I'll find them easily. They are noisy enough.

Look by yourself.
Make your opinion.
Mine is that I see insults and harassement. I see bullies. I see denouncement, outing and call to aggression.
I don't want them here. Period.

@mcread here:

«Not all of them are weirdos» sounds like «Not all men are agressors» which is the same defense line as masculinists. This is irrelevant.

@mcread I am NOT your brother and not even your friend. You are boring and your arguments are sophisms.

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